About Us

I (Cherin) started the business due to my love of being the “Memory Keeper” in the family.  I have always been the one wanting to turn the old photograph or something connected to a fond memory into a gift.

My husband and I are both Registered Nurses and we have 6 children so the nursing and parent things we have, truly comes from years of experience with both.  While we want it to be sentimental with some of those gifts,  we enjoy the humor and sarcasm that comes along with life situations.  

My passion for giving that special personalized gift for family and friends has become my passion for making and creating unique gifts.  I want the things purchased from me to bring joy not only to the person receiving them but that the giver of the gift will be able to know they have taken the time to give a gift that is special for the recipient, 

As our business evolves I hope to be adding more items that will ignite a special memory. (or in some cases cause you to giggle). Whether it is a gift for a newborn that will be a treasure in years to come, or that photo on an ornament to remember someone special who is no longer with us.  Or to celebrate those milestones in our lives. My hope is that you will think of us when you think of that someone special in your life to give that gift to. 

We want to help you Give a Memory when you give that special gift. Please let me know if there is something that may not be listed currently that we may be able to help with.  BECAUSE I really mean it when I say at Memories4gifts.com I don't want you to just give a gift- I want you to give a MEMORY.